ISLAMABAD – Rising environmental pollution in the Federal Capital is posing a grave threat to the health of its residents, besides impacting adjoining areas of the city.

The residents have expressed their concern and asked the authorities concerned to check the rising level of pollution, which is having hazardous effects on human health. According to them, felling of trees, improper garbage disposal and bad sewerage system were the main contributors of environmental degradation.

They complained that lack of a proper system for solid waste treatment and uncovered drains running through the city were also causing bad odour. Multiple development projects such as widening of roads were carried out at the cost of trees, and that resulted in the concentration of harmful gases in the air, they said.

Khalid Mahmood, a resident of the Capital, told APP that having more roads and more driving lanes might help alleviate traffic problems, “but that also causes more air pollution”. He said that an effective air-management plan was needed, which should also be focused on the introduction of an environment-friendly public transport system in order to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. He said the step would also help in reducing air pollution from direct smoke emissions from vehicles.

“The authorities must evolve a strategy for the protection of trees, land and water ponds,” he suggested. Another resident, Zaghum Naqvi, said that widening of roads was undoubtedly need of the hour but the authorities concerned must focus on planting trees to avoid pollution hazards.    

When contacted, a CDA official said that the department was making serious efforts to eliminate pollution from the city by improving the sewerage system.