LAHORE - Pakistan has won over the Nato supply issue. Middle class is responsible for the lack of honest political leadership in Pakistan. There is a need of public revolution with national agenda in line with the spirit of Pakistan Movement. Army should not intervene in Pakistani politics as said by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan’s political leadership should be given to those whom public wants and not to those who are interested to become political leaders.

These thoughts were shared by speakers at a seminar on ‘Lack of Leadership in Pakistan – Why?’ organised by the TECH Club. Society President Abdul Majeed Khan and Dr Muhammad Sadiq appreciated the efforts of TECH Club President Zubair Sheikh in highlighting social, political and economic problems and their solutions by conducting thought-provoking sittings.

Speaking on the occasion, Qayyum Nizami said that honest, capable and patriotic leadership should come forward in Pakistan to combat the big problems being faced by the country. Minhajul Quran Secretary General Dr Raheeq Abbasi said that electoral system should be changed in Pakistan through national referendum. Former ISI Chief Ziauddin said that weak leaders could run strong states but they could not be successful in weaker states.

Former Finance Minister Dr Mubashar Hassan said that bad rulers were established in Pakistan and bad government system was supported by America. The US was the actual promoter of bad political practices in Pakistan, he added. The Pakistan Army topples democratic governments on the behest of the US, he alleged. Capable and honest middle class leadership wilfully did not come in front of political arena, he said.

Mubashar further said that downtrodden people lacking basic amenities of life could not focus on national priorities. Replying to a question, Mubashar said that India would face Pakistan-like problems in the future then Islamabad would become a stable country.  The government had failed in urban warfare in Layari and both the police and judicial system could not safeguard the life and property of citizens, he said.

He feared that lawlessness could prolong in Pakistan if serious efforts were not made in this regard.