QUETTA - JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that the establishment was creating hurdles in the way of JUI-F, adding that if transparent elections were conducted JUI-F would emerge as the biggest party in the country.“The indifferent attitude of the establishment has forced Baloch youth to move to mountains and wage war for their rights,” he said while addressing the ‘Islam Zindabad Conference’ held in Kalat town of Balochistan attended by a large number of people on Sunday. Fazl said that Kalat State still reminded him the period when it consented to affiliate to Pakistan but despite lapse of 64 years the dreams of Muslims could not be materialised rather it was shattered.‘After getting rid of British slavery, today we have been pushed to become slaves of America’, he stated. He said that JUI-F steered out the nation from the darkness of disillusionment and became a ray of hope by rejecting the politics of arms and sticks.He said the JUI-F had frustrated the efforts to divert the country from its ideological path and Constitution of 1973 in which Islam had been declared as the religion of the country. Fazl said  through political process they reduced the hold of Sardars, Nawabs and landlords in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, therefore, now the people of downtrodden segments were feeling themselves more sovereign.  ‘We even cannot tolerate the people having mindset of landlords and capitalists then how can we bear the hegemony of US in our own land’, he said, adding, the loyalists of foreigners would not be allowed to dominate and enforce their policies. He said Pakistan had become a ‘militant state’ instead of a welfare state which had become a camp for West’s war. Fazl further said the army should avoid taking interest in war and politics as the expenditures of Army per day was more high than the expenditures incurred on education and health of nation annually.‘We are not against reduction of defence expenditures but we also want improvement in life standard of an ordinary man’, he added. He said that Aghaz Haqooq-e-Balochistan package and other rhetoric had lost their credibility since the nation had no more trust in such hollow claims.He said despite passage of 64 years resources of the country were not utilised properly nor  steps were taken for the eradication of corruption. In past by force the democratic governments were toppled but the corruption was never stopped, he added.Fazl said that through conspiracies the religious harmony was being sabotaged and the religious votes were being divided. ‘The elements behind these conspiracies should stop their conspiracies ,otherwise, they would be eliminated’, he added.JUI-F leader said that they had opposed the agreements with US 10 years before and also approved a unanimous resolution in 2008.  ‘After attack on Salala check post, it was realised that their policies were wrong’, he said, adding, that Parliament was not taken into confidence while boycotting Bonn conference, suspending NATO supplies and other issues but the people welcomed these decisions.‘Today again NATO supplies are being restored. We all jointly gave our decision against opening of ground supply routes for NATO’, he said and ,added, that though another way was being sought to restore supplies but after resolution in the Parliament the rulers had no justification to revive the supplies.