PESHAWAR - Ulema and leaders of various religious and political parties held the west responsible for the miseries facing the Muslim Ummah and urged the Muslims to shun sectarianism and forge unity to foil ‘conspiracy’ of the imperialist powers.

Notables from Pakistan and around the world were invited to attend the function, organised by Al-Basira Foundation here at Peshawar Nishtar Hall on Sunday, so that they could suggest solutions to the prevailing problems confronted by the Muslims across the world. Those who participated in the programme included former JI ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad, ISI former chief Gen (Retd) Hamid Gul and Allama Sajid Naqwi, member of Hizbi Islami Doctor Gairat Bahir, Vice Chancellor Peshawar University Dr Qibla Ayaz, Dr Ragib Hussain Naeemi and Allam Ramzan Tauqeer.

Addressing on the occasion, the participants said that the ever-increasing sectarianism and ethnic violence endangered the very foundation of their tolerant society. They said the religious parties and Ulema must come forward to do away with the threat and work for unity among the Muslims.  

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), former chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that Islam did not preach violence however struggling against those who supported the evil forces was a just cause and they would continue their struggle against them. Requesting for the support of Ulema, he said that they should launch a movement from the platform of Milli Yakjihti Council in order to pressurise the government to act on the recommendations of Islamic Ideological Council.

To a question about the stance of his party on the expected reopening of NATO supply route and unregistered Afghan refugees issue, Qazi said none of the religious parties supported reopening of Nato supply route. He observed that the US was defeated in Afghanistan and now it was desperately looking for a way out.

He added that Afghan refugees have taken shelter here because of the war in their country.

They are our Islamic brothers and we will peacefully demonstrate if government ever tried to forcefully expel them.

Earlier, in the first session, similar views were expressed by JI General Secretary Fareed Paracha. Hameed Gul, the former Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) chief also addressed the conference and said that in Chicago Conference the international forces accepted their defeat and soon they would leave Afghanistan, but before doing so they wanted to destabilise Pakistan. He added that Americans would not negotiate with Pakistan until strong resistance was shown on their acts like drone attacks and border violation.

He stressed the importance of unity among neighboring Muslim countries and said that the CIA-operated drone strikes in Fata were badly affecting the sovereignty of Pakistan and were meant to destabilise the country. He added that otherwise drone hit had had no importance in countering the resistance in Afghanistan.