LAHORE - With the arrival of seasonal vegetables and fruits in the market, most of the items saw a downward trend at the provincial capital’s Sunday Bazaars as compared to the last week.

The prices of tomato and onion witnessed a decrease of Rs5 per kg and Rs4 per kg respectively, while chicken prices decreased by Rs30 per kg. The tomato was sold at Rs15 per kg, onion was at Rs16 per kg and chicken was available for Rs170 per kg. According to rate lists, the prices of gourd, ladyfinger, pumpkin, bitter gourd, brinjal, and beans remained stable in the market.

The visitors complained that the situation of different Sunday Bazaars remained bad where low quality food items were sold on roads with insufficient arrangements, irritating the consumers. The Krishan Nagar Sunday Bazaar was also in poor condition where few stalls of fruits and vegetables were established and majority of items were not sold. The consumers said the rates of a number of seasonal fruits were fixed higher than those in the open market while many other newly arrived seasonal fruits were not available in makeshift markets.

According to the price list, the rates of chicken have been increasing over the last few months but there was a significant relief this week, as price came down by Rs30 per kg and chicken meat was available in the range of Rs160 to Rs170 per kg.

Biter gourd rate was up and fixed at Rs24 per kg from Rs18 per kg but sold at Rs20 per kg by some stall holders. Price of pumpkin was fixed at Rs8 per kg but little availability was found. Lufa rate was fixed at Rs20 per kg and peas at Rs50 per kg but was not available.

The price of ginger reduced by Rs3 per kg and it was sold at Rs65 per kg. The price of green chillies decreased by Rs8 per kg and it was available at Rs45 per kg. The price of tomatoes also decreased Rs5 per kg and it was available at Rs15 per kg.

The price of cucumber also reduced by Rs10 per kg and it was sold at Rs10 to Rs15 per kg. The price of onion was down by Rs4 per kg and fixed at Rs16 per kg. Potatoes and garlic rates remained stable, as potatoes were sold at Rs22 per kg.

Despite directives of District Coordination Officer Noorul Amin Mengal to ensure availability of high quality of fruits and vegetables in the weekly makeshift markets, but no such measures were seen anywhere in the Sunday Bazaars.