The recently concluded Chicago Summit of the world’s most powerful and, by extension, the most feared military alliance ended without recommending or achieving any meaningful outcomes. As a matter of fact, this congregation of the mighty provided a glimpse of the long-term imperial design about this unfortunate region. The display of arrogance on part of the Americans in particular once again highlighted the fact that even after a decade of bloodying their noses in a mismatched contest against the ragtag Afghan resistance no lessons have been learnt. Ironically, barring Pakistan, no country seemed to be concerned about launching or even seriously considering any meaningful, all-inclusive peace process in Afghanistan. Seen in this context, neither peace in Afghanistan nor stability in the region appears to be on the agenda of the so-called ‘Coalition of the Willing’. It seems they plan to live in our backyard for a long time. We need to watch our backs and do all we can to safeguard our core interests.


Islamabad, May 24.