KAMALIA-MNA Asadur Rahman, who was dismissed as chairman of Standing Committee on Privileges, alleged that the National Assembly speaker and the secretary of the standing committee were taking unconstitutional and illegal acts.

Speaking for the first time to the media after his dismissal, he pointed out the “double standard” of the NA speaker. He said that resignations of PTI members were not accepted for four months. However, he said, he did not submit resignation in person, but was promptly approved without delay.

He said, “It is right of the people of my area and the people of Pakistan to know the realities, as they should know that I did not abuse anyone rather I was abused. National Assembly speaker gave the decision without hearing the stance of both the sides. I was not given my constitutional and human right to defend my position.” He said that there was no involvement of government in the matter, at the same time he expressed astonishment on lack of contact with him regarding the matter. He stated that during that time, motion was in house regarding increase in salaries of the assembly members which he strongly opposed. Also in his own presence, an acting chairman of the Standing Committee on Privileges submitted a report which was unconstitutional and illegal, he said. He pointed out that PTI resignations were submitted to the Speaker National Assembly in his chamber and these were left for confirmation for four months. “PTI members availed all privileges during this time.

On the other hand, his resignation from Chairmanship of Standing Committee was accepted forthwith and all privileges were removed immediately,” he said.