LAHORE - One of the key accomplices of RAW man Kulbushan Yadav exposed him to the ISI after surrendering as ‘Walk-in Talk-in Informant’ to Pakistan’s intelligence agency, The Nation learnt yesterday.

Pakistani ISI nailed Indian RAW man Yadav from Balochistan after a long-drawn catch operation titled ‘Bluebird’ in the first week of March.

“The cover of RAW spy commander Kulbushan Yadav was blown by his Principal Contact to the ISI during the operation Bluebird to nail top operative of Indian agency,” security officials said. “The operation made a breakthrough when the Principal Contact of Yadav operating from Karachi became a Walk-in Talk-in Informant for the ISI,” they added.

Asked about the surrendered source’s details, the officials said he is sort of ‘an “approver and his details could not be made public because of sensitivity of the matter and his personal security’. “Although the country’s premier agency knew about the Yadav ring and launched the operation from Balochistan, the case-handling team didn’t know certain concrete details until they met their Karachi’s Walk-in Talk-in Informant,” they added. “The Walk-in Talk-in Informant is the person who either voluntarily surrenders himself to help intelligence agencies or fear of being captured. In another case such agents launched by the hostile secret service to play double to launch disinformation,” the official maintained.

However, in the case of Yadav, they said that the informer wanted to help the state as he was feared of being captured and wanted to shun subversive activities.

The person approached the ISI at its Karachi headquarters after a network of online newspapers of Baloch banned outfits promoting propaganda from Lyari was seized. The informer was running this network to support Yadav’s operations through a ‘foot soldier’.

“I was recruited by Commander Yadav through a third contact in Malaysia. I was paid $8,000 as first payment being his key contact in Karachi to aid and abet unrest in the Sindh capital and arrange safe houses for on-the-run militants from Balochistan. I was also tasked to make network of sleeper cells and facilitators,” the person told the agency.

The person connected Yadav’s key man with the case officer of the operation in Balochistan after thorough debriefing to determine whether he was a double agent or fear factor volunteer, said the officials.

The case officer of Yadav operation had already launched a catch operation through Indian spy’s two contact persons in Balochistan but the two had no direct contact with him and they had to operate through a man Haji Baloch dealing with arms smuggling there. At that time, the Indian spy was recruiting his agents by meeting them in other country like Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa from where they were taken to southern India facilities of the RAW, the official added.

“Then Yadav became confident about his network in Pakistan and embarked on a visit to bordering towns of Balochistan to meet his accomplices,” the officials said quoting the surrendered source. “The Indian spy had also given his top agents coded mobile SIM cards. A 20-digit code was to be dialed after inserting the SIM into cellphone before dialing Yadav’s number.”

The Yadav’s case officer directed his principal contact to act normally and follow his master’s orders as the agency wants to reach out to the racket.

In the last week of February, the agency reached the assessment that there was no other big fish in Yadav’s spy ring except which were already in their radar.

Following the assessment the agency shaped up two operations to catch Indian spy. One was planned for Karachi and another was for Balochistan. New Delhi’s high-ranking spy first signaled his principal contact that he was coming to Karachi to meet new recruits but at the eleventh hour he landed in Balochistan in the first week of March.