LAHORE - A writ petition was filed in the Lahore High Court yesterday against price hike.

Judicial Activism Panel filed the petition and submitted that at least during the upcoming coming Ramazan, prices of daily used commodities were required to be at nominal level but the culprits who were actively involved in hoarding and blackmailing were responsible for prices hike.

He stated that on account of upcoming month of Ramazan, prices of daily used commodities were once again going out of control of a common man.

He submitted that massive hoarding, black-marketing and profiteering by traders for forthcoming month of Ramzan and governments failure to control prices of essential commodities.

He stated that in the western countries at the advent of this holy month, prices of the commodities were brought to a nominal level but unfortunately, it was not the case in Pakistan and every year in the month of Ramazan, prices went high and resultantly the Holy Month passes for common man with extreme problem and hardship.

He requested the direction to be issued so at least during Ramazan the prices should be controlled. He also requested to issue direction to the secretary industries for placing before this court the mode and manner and mechanism of fixing and controlling the prices of commodities.