The insensitive use of load speaker, gun firing and fireworks has become a nuisance in Karachi especially in all residential areas. Builder had given a handsome amount to all concern authorities to use that particular residential space as a commercial space and the entire main residential street covers with Banquets and marriage halls in almost every town.The most annoying thing is the loudspeaker they used till late night and fireworks. People seem to believe that every occasion like marriages and birthday parties would be incomplete without the blaring of loudspeaker and fireworks. 

Noise pollution is already one of the greatest problems that people living in Karachi have to deal with. The excessive use of loudspeakers firing and fireworks makes it even worse. Of course there are occasions when their use is necessary but I see no justification in using them in residential areas. All elite ministers are living in peace but they should think about the life of a common tax payer too. 

The worst hit by this improper use of loudspeakers and fireworks in residential areas are elderly and the children. Due to excessive noise the elderly cannot sleep properly and the children cannot concentrate on their studies it is time the authorities did something to regulate these issues and put all officials behind bars who gave permission to run a marriage hall in residential area and gave permission to victimize the people of Karachi. 


Karachi, April 7.