DERA GHAZI KHAN-Under the patronage of the Border Military Police (BMP), the smuggling of non-customs paid vehicles has increased on the route of Bawata Check Post toward Dera Ghazi Khan, BMP officials admitted.

The check post is inter-provincial border of Balochistan and Punjab. Fort Minro and its adjoining area has become safe haven for smugglers under the patronage of some corrupt personnel of Border Military Police (BMP).

Almost all kinds of weapons including Kalashnikov, rocket launcher, hand grenades, guns, repeaters, rifles, pistol, bullets and cartridges are smuggled and sold to criminals, notorious offenders, robbers, proclaimed offenders and terrorist groups.

Many law-enforcement agencies have already confirmed and reported that the tribal area routes are used for smuggling of weapons and non-custom paid vehicles under the umbrella of corrupt official of Border Military Police.

On Saturday, the personnel of BMP Check Post Rakhi Gaaj unofficially detained two non-customs paid vehicles, one Suzuki Alto and other Toyota X-Corolla, but did not registered case against accused and release vehicles in Monday evening after taking bribe.

When approached, In-charge of Check Post Naib Dafedar Daulat Khan admitted that BMP had not registered a case against the smugglers. To a question, Daulat Khan said that without registration of a case, no information could be shared with any one even with customs officials.

An official of BMP with condition of anonymity informed The Nation that Bawata BMP check post is the key bargaining point between smugglers and some corrupt BMP personnel.

He added that usually bargaining rates at Bawat check post are Rs25,000-Rs30,000 per non-customs paid vehicle and at Rakhi Gaaj Check Post the rates are Rs40,000-45,000 per vehicle. Every week, 25-35 such vehicles cross these two posts.

Sadiq Khan Achakzai and Nabi Furqan of Chaman (Balochistan), Nazar Khan Kakar alias Commando of Quetta are famous vehicle smugglers of the route, he disclosed.

When contacted, In-charge of Bawata Check Post Dafedar Hafeez Khan denied the allegations. Hafeez said that he had joined the check post here on May 3, 2016. Before his posting, during the period of former SHO Bawata Check Post Naib Dafedar Habibullah Leghari, vehicles smuggling was in full swing, he alleged. About 60-70 such vehicles crossed from here under the patronage of Habib Leghari and still 30-40 vehicles are parked in different places of Fort Minro and its adjoining area, tribal area of DG Khan, to cross Rakhi Gaaj BMP Post and Sakhi Sarwar Punjab Police Post, he disclosed.

The Bawata-Rakhi Gaaj is notorious as a transit route for vehicles and arms smugglers who bring different kinds of arms and vehicles from Balochistan.