Multan-The windstorm played havoc with the power supply and distribution system as 137 feeders tripped in Multan and adjoining cities, causing power supply suspension in a vast area on the night between Thursday and Friday.

The Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) spokesman said that the windstorm caused more destruction in Mumtazabad and Moosa Pak Divisions as 51 electricity pylons got uprooted or broken in Mumtazabad. Similarly, one transformer and four electricity pylons got uprooted in Cantonment Division, six poles and four transformers in City Division.

The Mepco spokesman said that the repair and restoration operation had been launched in the night and Mepco staff restored power supply to all areas after hectic efforts.

JUD PROTEST: The activists of Jamaatud Dawah (JuD) staged a demonstration at Chowk Rasheedabad on Friday to condemn US drone attack on Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor.

Over 200 JuD workers assembled at the Chowk and carried out nonstop sloganeering against America. They also burnt US flag The demo was led by JuD local Ameer Mian Suhail Ahmed.

The speakers strongly condemned American drone attack on Taliban leader and declared it violation of sovereignty of Pakistan. They demanded the government to issue order for shooting down the US drones besides closing down all US bases in and covert CIA stations in country. They further demanded that US should fight her so-called war on terror on her own, while all the agreements with them should be revoked at once. They alleged that US President Barrack Obama was not sincere to negotiate with Taliban and he wanted to resolve all issue through power.