KARACHI -  Dr Farooq Sattar‘s led Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan fraction on Sunday staged a protest demonstration to condemn Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah’s cursing over demand of new province.

A larger number of MQM supporters and workers along with the MQM-P PIB leadership participated in the demonstration held at Liaquatabad No 10. They were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against ruling provincial government and CM Murad.

They raised slogans against the PPP leadership over their biased attitude and unconstitutional approach over the formation of new administrative units in the country. Mohjair Itehad Tehreek (MIT) chief Saleem Haider also attended the protest.

Addressing the participants, Dr Farooq Sattar said that party has not done any crime by raising the demand of the new administrative units in the Sindh province but some people were opposing this demand and trying to give it a negative impression. Party sticks to its demand either an administrative unit or new province should be made, he added.

Criticising Chief Minister Murad, he said that provincial head on the assembly floor shown enmity with the people of urban region and cursed the people who had came up with the demand for formation of new administrative units Sindh. In fact CM Murad has cursed and hurled abuses to the all the people those gave sacrifices and founded Pakistan. CM Murad has insulted sacrifices of the Mohajir community, he should apologise to people immediately, demanded Sattar.

He further said, It is matter of the great concern the rulers instead of giving due rights to Mohajirs were cursing them over demand of their rights.

Sattar said that practicing a wicked plan Mohajirs were shown criminals while the community is supposed to a peace loving and educated population. After the establishment our forefathers migrated from India on the call of founder of the Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah but unfortunately we were labeled settlers. The victimization of Mohajirs comprises on the endless stories including the Quota System that was imposed by Zulfiaqar Ali Bhutto then prime minster with an aim to halt the progress of Mohajir Community.

This time we are going to move with a visible posture that includes the demand of the new administrative units, actual counting of the urban region population and abolishment of Quota System, said Sattar.

“We are not going to get anything even after marking victory in the general election and now time has arrived to initiate movement for get our due rights. MQM will launch a movement for the formation of new administrative units in country. We are not against Sindhis but against the feudal lords and evil culture that is being practiced since decades to keep the resident as salves,” he added.