World journalist day is celebrated annually on May 3rd and it was observed thus year enthusiastically in the world in numerous ways, launching rallies and different significant events to highlight the importance of journalists unearthing the truth.

Surprisingly, on this journalist day shocking news were also revealed about the role of journalist in Pakistan and their freedom.

According to reports Pakistan is a grave for journalists .journalists, who are bounded to express a situation or an issue are in danger–sometime even though losing their lives.

According to a survey only in Balochistan in a decade 48 journalists were killed and surely the exact numbers can be higher.

It is quite true that in Pakistan journalists are bound in a limit and daily being threatened by multiple groups in order to hide the truth.

Undoubtedly, the safety of journalists and their freedom is a big question for the government in the recent days. With no doubt, Media plays an essential role in a country in every regard. It is the voice of justice for the poor and forward the reality and shows the real pictures of government and other forceful communities.

The government should prove the safety and rights of journalist and journalism across country .


Kech, May 4.