LAHORE– Former Prime Minister and PML-N Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that everyone knows injustice has been done to their elected prime minister and the people will vote the PML-N to power again in the July 25 polls to reverse the situation and undo the unfairness meted out to him.

The masses hold the key to change destiny of the nation and the country as well as ensure respect to their elected prime minister and the vote and they will do the same in next election for the sake of changing the course, Nawaz Sharif said while addressing a gathering of PML-N workers at packed Alhamra Hall in connection with the 20th Anniversary of Yaume Takbir on Monday. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, among others, also addressed the party workers creating a great thrill in the event.

Former prime minster said it was highly painful that who served the country, made the defence impregnable, ended loadshedding and terrorism and gave CPEC and Motorways like mage projects is facing a highly unfair treatment to extent of being called a traitor while others (alluding to PTI Chairman Imran) are being held as blue eyed. “How I at once became the biggest enemy. I am being punished only because I made the country economically strong and its defence invincible and I talk of democracy and respect for the vote,” he said while alluding to the establishment.

He said the way country has been made to run over the last 70 years is no more affordable as on that track it cannot go on for even seven years or seven months. “Those who called me traitor what answer do they have now on recently published books,” the former premier said with clear reference to the book which former DG ISI Asad Durrani co-authored with Indian spy chief giving startling revelations of their joint working.

Nawaz Sharif said it was credit of the elected Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for initiating the atomic programme and other elected PM (himself) who detonated six atomic bombs in response to five of India in May 1998 kicking out US offer of $ five billion and overcoming international pressure against conducting the atomic blasts. “It was the achievement not of any military dictator or Martial Law Administrator but of the elected PMs who gave Pakistan nuclear capability,” Nawaz said.

He lamented that on the 20th anniversary of atomic explosions, he had appeared for the 75th time before the Accountability Court where he and his daughter stood for hours to record their statements. “What is their guilt? Only aqama and for not accepting salary from the son!” he said.

Nawaz said if he had intended to do corruption he could have done it when US President Bill Clinton offered him $5 billion for not conducting nuclear test blast but he always kept national interest over everything.

“Leaders from other countries called me on phone and offered me everything. I told them that I could not compromise on the national pride and dignity and went on order the holding of nuclear explosions,” he added.

India which was using a highly threatening language against Pakistan after nuclear test got a befitting response from Pakistan and was humbled to the extent that Indian PM himself travelled to Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif said when India exploded atomic bombs, he was at Almaty, Kazakhstan, and he had then and there made up him mind on giving a matching response to India. After explosions, he said, he told Bill Clinton that like you are an elected president I am an elected PM who cannot tolerate disrespect of his country and its vital interest. Clinton acknowledged my position and said, ‘you played with the straight bat.’ Later, Nawaz said, Clinton became a good friend and after Kargil episode he acted positively towards Pakistan.

He said he could have adopted the course which Pervez Musharraf adopted that is to work against the interest of country but he remained firm.

Former prime minister said unlike the government in 2013, the PML-N government ended load shedding. He referred to PPP government before 2013 and said, that rulers should be asked why they failed to end energy crisis and why today Karachi is in darkness. He said Pakistan would have been a world economic power today had the development process started by his government from 1991 not been interrupted.

Nawaz vowed to resume the journey of development after vote of the masses will reverse the situation and undo the injustice done to him.