GILGIT: Gilgit Baltistan Chief Minister Hafeez-ur-Rehman said Monday that PML(N) government had made effective contributions towards the socio-economic development of the GB and won hearts and minds of people through such development-oriented initiatives.

Talking to media, the minister said that people of Gilgit Baltistan were a patriotic nation that had rejected politics of sit-ins and put confidence in PML(N) owing to its best performance.

He said that the opposition was witnessing their political careers were closing as people had become aware of their designs and that was why they were creating confusion, he added.

He said that PML(N) was a political party which laid unprecedented development network in the region during two and a half years of its tenure.

Moreover, it was the PML(N) which shifted powers from the prime minister and Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs to GB assembly and its government.

In the past, he added that BG would have Rs 5 billion budget but now it had been raised to Rs 25 billion, adding powers of chief accounting officer( secretary Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs) had been shifted to chief secretary Gilgit Baltistan, which was reflecting the PML(N)’s sincerity towards BG’s development.