The Pakistani national assembly was in disarray recently on the private bill seeking fixing of 18 years age for marriage.

According to news reports, some “worthy members” termed the bill un-Islamic. The news item quoted very eccentric logic from the opponents of the bill maintaining that wali or guardian has the right to decide the matrimonial fate of child from very birth and such marriages arranged at any stage cannot be challenged by the child. If this argument had emanated from an ignorant mullah or a man from the cave, we would have digested but these opinions are spewed by those who are chosen to do the very serious business of deciding and legislating on the very sensitive issue of national importance, concerning the fate of 20 crores wretched souls. The parliamentarians considered most erudite, insightful and forward-looking who are entrusted and trusted for taking decisions which have bearing for coming generation. But with rare exceptions like Shireen Mazari and all PPP parliamentarians, the whole stock disappointed the nation when PTI members rose to the occasion to take the nation to the primitive era and PML-N members observed criminal silence. Those who extended illogical and out-dated opposition to the bill taking refuge behind the wrong interpretation of religion due to the ignorance of modern jurisprudence have put the nation to shame and made Pakistan a laughing stock in the comity of nations.


Dadu, May 9.