MULTAN/HAFIZABAD - The martyrdom day of Hazrat Ali (RA) was marked with solemnity and inter-sect harmony here on Monday.

The day passed peacefully as no untoward incident was reported from any part of Punjab including Multan division.

In Multan, besides main procession of Youm-e-Shahadat-e-Hazrat Ali (RA) that was brought out from Imambargah Jhik, a number of other small processions were held in different areas of city. The faithful attended Majalis at different imambargahs held in connection with the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA).

Strict security arrangements were made on the occasion to avert any untoward incident as over 2,000 cops led by five SPs, 13 DSPs and 23 inspectors performed security duty. Cops in uniform and plainclothes were deployed on routes of the processions while streetlights were also installed to illuminate the routes for the processions.

The main procession emerged from Imambargah Jhik and culminated at Imambargah Lal Shah after marching on traditional route. Similarly, another major procession was brought out by the faithful from Imambargah Kashana Haider Chah Bohar Wala and it ended at Imambargah Kashana Shabbir Lal Kurti. The participants of the processions paid homage to Zuljinnah and flagellated themselves with sharp knives mounted on chains.

Regional Police Officer (RPO) Waseem Ahmad Khan visited Jhik and Sootriwat areas and inspected security arrangements. About 20 to 25-feet-long security zones were established with iron barriers ahead of each imambargah to restrict entry of irrelevant and anti-social elements. Only checking and security staff was allowed to enter the security zone created through barriers. The faithful were frisked with metal detectors at the entry of security zone.

Similarly, all link roads, streets and residential areas around the route of processions were sealed by police. The participants of the processions created security circle with the help of ropes around the processions to restrict the penetration of strangers.

The special branch and bomb disposal personnel swept the routes and venues of majlis and processions with the help of metal detectors. The participants of the martyrdom day activities were asked to park their motorbikes and vehicles away from imambargahs. The day ended peacefully as the masses exhibited inter-sect harmony. 

In Hafizabad, Youm-e-Shahadat-e-Ali (RA), the fourth Khalifa of Islam, was observed in the district with religious fervour. A procession was taken out from gali Maulvi Yahaya wali Garhi Awan, which paraded through traditional route and terminated peacefully at Fawara Chowk where e Zakireen paid glowing tribute to Hazrat Ali (RA). The district police has made foolproof security arrangements and all roads were sealed. The Elite force, district police, Health department and Rescue 1122 personnel were remained alert throughout the route to meet any eventuality.

The other procession was taken out in Rasoolpur Tarar. No untoward incident was reported from any place of the district till the filing of the report.

Moreover, processions and majalis were held in all districts of Punjab to mark the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA) and pay him tribute for invaluable service for Islam and Muslims. Speakers at various functions held in connection with the day, termed the life of hazrat Ali (RA) a guiding beam that leads one to success in this life and life after here. They urged the Muslims to follow in the footprints of Hazrat Ali for gaining the lost glory of Islam and earn the blessings of Allah the A