LOS ANGELES-Mel B’s late father inspired her to divorce Stephen Belafonte.

The 43-year-old singer has admitted that the death of her dad proved to be a turning point in her life, convincing her she should divorce the film producer, who she’s previously accused of being physically and emotionally abusive towards her.

Appearing on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’, an emotional Mel explained: ‘’I felt really bad, because I hadn’t seen him in so long and then I see him like that, I felt really bad and I felt really angry at my ex-husband and I felt really bad for my kids.

‘’I’ve always felt bad, but I couldn’t tell him. Right before [he passed away], I said to him, ‘You can go now because I have to go and divorce this monster’ and he just looked at me and took his last breath.’’

Mel cut her dad out of her life during her ten-year marriage to Stephen.

The pop star now wishes she’d taken the decision to divorce the producer earlier in her life, meaning she’d have been able to spend more quality time with her dad.