LONDON - At first glance, 31-year-old James Williams might look like a fairly normal bloke. He’s a performance controller for Sky, father to two young daughters, and devoted husband to Catherine.

But underneath all that, he’s also a bit of a superhuman. A dedicated ultra runner, he holds a marathon personal best of two hours and thirty minutes, and has completed four Ironman triathlons. On the weekends, he amuses himself by competing in 100 mile races, which he often wins.

Oh, and he runs a marathon every morning before work.

I join Williams on the banks of the River Thames near his home in Putney. He’s been waiting for me. I’ve been told to arrive at 7am, but on a normal day he’s usually up at four. “I’m tapering down for my race at the moment, but during my peak training periods I was doing between 40-50km before work,” he tells me as we start the morning with a gentle power walk.

Running is a great way of workout but can sometimes be harmful if not done in the right way. Here are the few tips that can help you run faster and longer with more fun. “I’d get up then run to work, which is technically only 11km away, but I do loops of Richmond Park, and loops of the river, all to get my distance up for the event.”

“The current record is nine days, two hours, and 26 minutes, to be precise,” he says with a smile.