The more we are getting civilized, the further we are moving away from our language. Nations feel proud of their languages because they consider them not mere languages but identities. Alas! We are on the threshold of losing our identity. The influential and trendsetters do not like to speak Punjabi considering it a derogatory symbol for their identity.

In this epoch, most of the families, in Pakistan Punjab, teach their children to speak Urdu and English, but not Punjabi. They consider it funny and rude. They have a lot of illogical reasoning. Frankly speaking, Indian Punjabis love to speak it. They even consider it blessing for their identity. I would daresay that to insult Punjabi language is an insult of Bulleh Shah, Baba Fareed, Baba Guru Nanak and others. I really feel bad when I hear people fabricating wrong perceptions against my language (Punjabi). I do not know why these types of stereotypes are nipping Punjabi language from the bud.

Unfortunately, the government is also not taking initiatives for the promotion of Punjabi language here. We have no environment of speaking Punjabi in classroom premises. Kindly do not lose Punjabi language for the sake of modernity. I request the Government of Pakistan to take initiatives for the promotion of Punjabi Language as they respect English and many other languages.


Lahore, May 26.