The world in general and India in particular are absolutely clear that Pakistan’s strategic weapons programme is far superior in numbers as well as technologically viz a viz that of the Indians. The wide spectrum of our short, medium and long range missiles that can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear warheads, could target every Indian major city and installation as far as western India. Coupled with lethal array of submarine/air launched long range missiles and MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle) considered ultimate in nuclear missile technology, this becomes a potent strike force that can pierce the heart of the enemy’s defences with precision causing unimaginable destruction.

One must recall how 500,000 strong Indian Army was fully mobilized, deployed and poised to cross international border in 2002 at height of Pak-India tensions. At peak of standoff, Gen Musharraf, then Chief Executive and Army Chief, warned Indians that if they crossed the line, Pakistan would let loose fire of hell, Indians got the message and quietly withdrew.

In aftermath of Pulwama, February 27 this year brought incalculable humiliation to Indian PM Modi and his armed forces when IAF lost two fighter aircraft duly shot down by PAF, as well as capture of an IAF Pilot who ejected in Pakistani territory. In the confusion that prevailed on Indian side, they shot down their own MI 17 helicopter killing all on board. Where Modi and his military leadership blundered the most, they forgot they were dealing with a battle a hardened armed force which was fully backed by Pakistani nation.

As escalation intensified, the turning point was surely that session of Pakistan’s National Command Authority (NCA), chaired by PM Imran Khan along with top civil/military leadership. NCA is apex civilian led command to oversee employment, deployment, operational command and control of Pakistan’s strategic weapons. This special meeting served as strong warning to Indians that in case of any planned missile strikes against Pakistan, the response would be immediate, many times in kind and intensity.

With the kind of absolute political will demonstrated by Prime Minister Imran Khan with military leadership fully on board, Indians knew Pakistan meant business and would hit back very hard where it would hurt India the most. Fully aware of Pakistan’s strategic weapons capabilities Modi and his generals gave up their plans as exercise in futility. PM Modi knew that with general elections round the corner, he could not have afforded another massive round of humiliation as well as large scale destruction.

Indians have special expertise in false flag operations, which they acquired from their Israeli counterparts. This was very well implemented in Mumbai attacks, Uri, Pathankot and most recently in Pulwama. Aim of these false flag so called terrorist operations carried out by India’s security forces/RAW was clearly to put blame on Pakistan and defame it as sponsor of terrorism. Every time when Pakistan asked for concrete evidence and offered full cooperation to investigate such claims and accusations the Indians dodged their way out, knowing fully well they would stand exposed domestically as well as before international community.

When it comes to false flag operations, their falsehood of surgical strikes cannot be ignored also. The so called surgical strikes phenomenon Indian style could well be the theme for hilarious comedy movies in Bollywood and Hollywood. One wonders how Indian civilian/military leadership could lie so blatantly to their own people and media. They even backed out from over hyped claims of their much trumpeted surgical strike now known as ‘’Balakot Lies’’ in which 300 so-called terrorists were killed.

There has never been any doubt that Indian Army follows Israel’s ‘Crush Palestinian’ model in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Israeli armed forces use of brutal force, repression and atrocities against unarmed Palestinians in Gaza is now a routine affair that world frequently sees and condemns but failed to stop it. Presence of Israeli military/intelligence experts in IOK is no more a secret.

I recall my meeting with a former Israeli Special Forces Officer, at an International Anti-Corruption Conference in Beijing in 2008. He was then running an Anti-Corruption NGO while I was representing National Accountability Bureau Pakistan. He admitted very frankly about Indo Israeli collusion in suppressing indigenous freedom movement in IOK and confirmed he had served in Srinagar while in military service.

The Pulwama nightmare will continue to haunt Modi and his military for long time to come. Will we see a reformed Modi after his recent re-election as India’s Prime Minister? One finds it difficult to share PM Imran Khan’s optimism that Modi would come on dialog table and resolve core issue of Jammu and Kashmir, though Imran Khan’s efforts towards peace with India, resolution of outstanding disputes and open trade is by and large supported in Pakistan.

As a diehard anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan, anti-Kashmiris right of self-determination, we have to wait and see if PM Modi would undergo his extreme mind-set transformation, though it is possible there may be few ‘sweet’ statements in coming weeks with respect to good relations with Pakistan. For PM Modi, the message from people of Pakistan is clear. Stop RAW-NDS terrorist acts in Pakistan from Afghan soil in Baluchistan, stop sabotaging CPEC and stop destabilizing newly merged FATA in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. No more Kulbushans.

We sincerely hope that ‘’Baghal mein churri, mun mein Ram Ram’’, the age old mind-set was not what we witnessed when our brilliant Foreign Minister tasted some sweets offered by his Indian counterpart Sushma Jee in meeting on side-lines of a summit in Kyrgyzstan few days ago.