The coronavirus pandemic has revealed which countries are truly dedicated to peace and which countries will instigate meaningless conflict even in this time of global crisis. At a time when the world ought to be collaring and bridging differences to come together to face this global pandemic, some countries instead are using the pandemic to create further havoc. While coronavirus cases surge in the country, locust swarms threaten to destroy its crops, and the economy is in shambles under lockdown, India’s government has preferred to pass the time by picking fights with all its neighbours.

A look at the current situation will reveal the animosity that the Hindu Supremacist Modi government holds for the rest of South Asia. While the intentional community has been embroiled in battling the epidemic, India has been threatening Pakistan with border violence and false flag operations, targeting Bangladesh through the Citizenship Amendment Act and engaging in border disputes with China and Nepal.

India’s insistence over encroaching territory that does not belong to it, whether it be over Kashmir with Pakistan, Ladakh with China, or Kalapani with Nepal, is ensuring that the country will fast lose all friends. With its history of aggression and the increasing fascist tendencies of its Hindutva government, India is on its way to becoming a regional danger to South Asia. Pakistan has long been raising the alarm for India’s imperialist tendencies – Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a tweet likened India’s expansionist policies to the Nazi policy of Lebensraum, which led to the Second World War, and called India a threat to regional peace. While Pakistan’s previous warnings at the international stage did not receive the attention they should have, with India now engaging in hostility with China, it is time to join forces and raise this issue in unison at international forums.