It is our belief and conviction that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had more compassion for poor than any other person and also the vision which extends beyond his lifetime. There is an authentic Hadith on how to cope with pandemics and contagious diseases etc. It warns believers not to go into an area or city where plague/ pandemic exists, nor allows those living in such a place to leave it.

The message is very clear, which in my humble opinion is fear it, avoid it, and then fight it. Even science and medical specialists in contagious infections agree with what our Holy Prophet stated over 1400 years ago.

I fail to under logic behind this “do not fear it, fight it” policy we see many governments have adopted. Perhaps economic considerations are the factor that overrides priority for human life. Who will be responsible for the loss of life and health of those who may be infected because of the present policy by our government? Both life and health could be saved if lockdown and isolation were sternly imposed.