Islamabad - Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Wednesday, said that Hindutva Supremacist Modi government in India, with arrogant expansionist policies in the region akin to Nazi’s Lebensraum, was becoming a threat to its neighbouring countries.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister lashed out at the Modi government saying that “Hindutva Supremacist Modi government” was not only a threat to India’s minorities by relegating them to 2nd class citizens’ status but was also becoming a threat to the regional peace.

Prime Minister cited India’s border disputes with China and Nepal as well as the adverse impact of the Modi government’s Citizenship Act on Bangladesh.

Tensions flared up recently between Chinese and Indian troops in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley region. Both sides now reportedly have thousands of troops stationed on either side of the ceasefire line, leading observers to draw comparisons with the 2017 standoff between India and China in Doklam.

The trigger this time, however, appears to India’s own actions in the disputed area. According to former Indian military officials and diplomats New Delhi’s construction of roads and airstrips in Ladakh were the most likely reason for drawing Beijing’s ire.

The Prime Minister compared the current Indian policies to the Nazi concept of ‘Lebensraum’, which comprised policies and practices of settler colonialism.

Detailing the threat of Indian policies, the prime minister said that New Delhi had border disputes with China and Nepal, tension over the Citizenship Act with Bangladesh and a threat of false flag operations against Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan was facing the threat of a false flag operation whilst Citizenship Act poses threat to Bangladesh.

PM Imran further said that India had carried out such actions after the illegal annexation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJK), which was a “war crime under 4th Geneva Convention” and was illegally claiming Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

Earlier, the prime minister termed Indian allegations of infiltration from Pakistan’s side of the Line of Control (LoC) baseless and said it was a “continuation of a dangerous agenda”.

He had also reminded the international community of its responsibility to act against the war crimes and genocide being perpetrated against the Kashmiri people in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

The prime minister had said that the right-wing Indian government, under the cover of the pandemic, had continued its Hindutva supremacist agenda, driven by the fascist RSS ideology.

Pakistan yesterday made it clear to India that Pakistani forces were fully ready to defend the motherland but Islamabad always prefers peace.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Pakistan’s desire for peace should not be taken as weakness.

The statement came after Pakistan shot down India’s spy quadcopter. The Inter Services Public Relations said that an Indian spy quadcopter was shot down by Pakistani troops in Rakhchikri sector. The Indian spy drone had entered a distance of 650 meters in Pakistani territory. Last year, the Pakistan Army had shot down three quadcopters.

FM Qureshi said India should show sensibility as Pakistan will respond with full force if India continues its aggression.

“We have downed India’s spy quadcopters. This is a warning that we can hit back,” he said.

He said India had buried secularism and was constantly fanning Hindutva in the country.

Qureshi pointed out that India was involved in hatching conspiracies in Balochistan, besides meddling with other countries including Afghanistan and Nepal.

He condemned India’s controversial construction in Laddakh that led to standoff with China.


He said China always exhibited restraint in the past and even today was also willing to resolve the issue through peace.


Meanwhile, Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui rejected the misleading and factually incorrect media reports about the virtual meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Ambassadors to the United Nations on May 20. “The distorted reporting first appeared in a section of Indian media,” she said.


During the meeting, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN highlighted the rising wave of Islamophobia and state-sponsored violence against Indian Muslims that has entered into a dangerous phase under the RSS-BJP dispensation.



Representing the collective voice of the Muslim Ummah, the OIC has repeatedly expressed serious concern on Islamophobia and targeted violence against Muslims in India, as manifested in various decisions and Resolutions of Islamic Summits and Council of Foreign Ministers, she said.


The OIC and its human rights body -- OIC-IPHRC -- have issued strong statements on the Indian Government’s recent anti-Muslim actions, including CAA, targeted killing of Muslims in Delhi, Babri Masjid verdict, and demonization of Muslims in the context of COVID-19, the spokesperson said.


Besides OIC, she said, “the United Nations human rights machinery, the international human rights organisations, and the international media have taken cognizance of the situation and expressed concerns in this regard.”



Foreign Office Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui says India is threatening not only the peace and security in the region, but also human rights and rights to live in freedom to all minorities within its jurisdiction.

Talking, exclusively to Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel, she said India, through its unilateral actions, is pushing RSS inspired agenda in the region, which is increasingly becoming a threat to peace and tranquility in the area.

She said India has taken some unilateral actions along the Line of Actual control in a disputed region of Eastern Ladakh in a bid to change the situation on ground, which prompted China to take a position in this regard. Aisha Farooqui said Beijing has taken a principled position on the situation along the LAC and the border areas and India has to see the push back from China.


The Spokesperson said due to unilateral actions by New Delhi, neighbouring countries like China, Pakistan, and Nepal, have soared relations with India. She said Indian rulers are pursuing policies of Islamophobia, exclusion and discrimination against minorities.


Regarding grave human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir, the Spokesperson said extra judicial killings are on the rise in the occupied territory and people are facing worst kind of oppression at the hands of Indian occupation forces.


She said even bodies of martyred Kashmiri youth are not handed over to their families for burial.

Aisha Farooqui said medical assistance in Occupied Kashmir is being denied to innocent people, who need this help because of COVID-19 pandemic.