The average woman can stand their new pair of shoes for just 34 minutes before grimacing with pain. Researchers have found that once they have stepped out of the taxi and into a pub or club, they survive just over half an hour before their feet start to hurt. Four in ten said they take a spare pair of pumps 'out of habit to change into because they know their shoes will rub. And more than half have ended up walking home bare-foot, while one in ten have abandoned their shoes altogether or borrowed someone elses. But a survey of 4,000 women revealed a determined one fifth said the prospect of aching feet would not put them off wearing a pair of killer heels. Erika Gibbins, podiatrist for shoe insert Insolia, said: 'So many women will be able to relate to these findings, as theyve been victims of painful shoes, but persevere with them in the name of fashion. 'Its ridiculous that so many nights out are spoilt so quickly by painful shoes and it doesnt have to be this way. 'The fact the nations women are resorting to taking a second pair of shoes, and walking home barefoot means they need to do something so they can get to enjoy nights out and not worry about their feet. The average woman has suffered from foot pain on at least six occasions in the last 12 months. One in ten have been carried home, while a third have deliberately chosen bars with stools to keep the weight off their feet. Yet half said they own a pair of killer heels which hurt to wear but put up with the pain because they look great, and three in ten have worn an uncomfortable pair to prove a point to their partner. The nationwide poll of women aged 18 to 65 found the average woman currently owns 18 pairs, typically spent 35 on each purchase and has a hoard totalling 630. But eight in ten said they have nine pairs of shoes in their cupboard they have never worn or donned just once or twice. They also have another four pairs they deem 'too uncomfortable to wear. That means shoe-addicts have at least 315 worth that have never seen the light of day. It also emerged one third admit they are 'addicted to shoes and six in ten have a special dedicated area or shelf to keep them out of harms way. One in five even judge another female by their footwear and one in ten reckon theyre the most important part of an outfit.A quarter said they find it 'easy to justify buying shoes and 18 per cent said no matter what, theyd throw caution to the wind and still buy themselves shoes even if money was tight. Erika Gibbins added: 'In standard three inch heels the centre of pressure is 75 per cent on the front of the foot which is why you get that burning sensation on the ball of your foot. This can also lead to bad body alignment and leg and lower back pain. 'When you stand for a prolonged period of time the load is magnified to the point where the foot just hurts all the time. Telegraph 'My advice would be to always test new shoes at home and if they feel like they might start to hurt, take precautions like fitting an insert to help realign weight. The study was carried out to mark the launch of Insolia inserts which claim to relieve the pain of high heels so women can wear them for up to three times longer. Telegraph