As if Pakistan was a vassals state of the US, its court in Brooklyn has summoned DG ISI General Ahmed Shuja Pasha and two other officials of the agency to question them for their alleged role in the Mumbai attacks. Otherwise, it is hard to believe that it would have the temerity to do so. It should know that it is not that all-powerful to have jurisdiction across the entire globe. As things stand, no country in the world, not even the weakest, would tolerate such an arrogant attitude. Our Foreign Office has responded but in a sheepish manner. It stated that it was nonsensical to hold the ISI responsible for the Mumbai carnage and much to ones chagrin stopped short of condemning the brazenness of the US court. It should have told the court off for daring to issue the order that is reminiscent of New Delhis demand that DG ISI be sent to India in the context of the Mumbai incidents to which the government unthinkingly agreed, only to be rebuffed by a firm refusal of the army to accept it. There should be no ambiguity in turning down the court demand with the contempt it deserves, and the matter should be taken up in strongest terms with the US authorities. The American judiciary seems to have joined hands with New Delhi and its own government in their smear campaign demonizing Pakistan as a state sponsoring terrorism. Despite two years down the line, India has not furnished Pakistan any substantial evidence which could implicate the states involvement in the gruesome attacks. Yet the court in Brooklyn seems to be eager to nail our intelligence officers. Islamabad must also share the blame for what the US court has done. It has been its own slavish attitude towards Washington, ranging from readily agreeing to become a party to the war on terror, to drone attacks, to handing over its innocent citizens ending up in Guantanamo Bay, which explains for the barefaced impudence of the Brooklyn court.