ISLAMABAD (APP) - The impact of the recently signed US-India nuclear deal on Indian weapon generation capacity was evident when the indigenously developed Unit 4 of the Kaiga Atomic Power Station attained criticality on Nov 26, says media reports. The 220mw capacity nuclear plant was the 20th nuclear unit to become operational in India, enabling the country to join the elite club of nations owning 20 and more nuclear plants. The Kaiga Complex, with four reactors remains un-safeguarded under the provision of the US-India nuclear deal and its development has received a boost with the availability of additional Uranium that the deal provides for India as Kaiga 4 was ready for function a few years ago but couldnt commence production for want of nuclear fuel. Indias exemption from the Nuclear Suppliers Group guidelines has enabled her to overcome nuclear fuel shortages by importing it from outside and divert her indigenous supply to un-safeguarded nuclear plants. According to observers, with the Kaiga 4 unit going critical, the Indian fissile material production capability has undergone a boost. India, under the provisions of the nuclear deal has been allowed to keep eight of its nuclear plants, including Kaiga, outside of the IAEA safeguards alongwith the breeder reactors. The arrangements coupled with the availability of abundant nuclear fuel has increased the weapons fabrication capability manifold placing pressure on Pakistan ato maintain a credible nuclear deterrence in face of the Indian buildup, say analysts.