ISLAMABAD The Tunisian film 'Making Of, directed by Nouri Bouzid, served as an eye-opener for the viewers as how the so-called 'martyrs are prepared. The award-winning movie 'Making Of was screened here Saturday late at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) to mark the 23rd anniversary of the Change in Tunisia. Making Of is the story of a 25-year-old dancer Bahta who is otherwise a hot-headed person. He lives in the downtown and some how gets caught in the hands of those who prepare suicide bombers but in the name of 'service to God. He thinks a woman he likes may be seeing another man in his person, and his injured pride mixes with his Arab anger as he is briefed about the Western propaganda against Islam. For sanctuary, two men take him to the home of an older man, a teacher who is a tombstone calligrapher. The teacher slowly brings Bahta to understand the promise of martyrdom, playing on his desire for manhood. Occasionally, the actor playing Bahta breaks out of his role to complain to the director, who must coax him back. Making Of is a powerful, layered drama about Islamic preaching and their negative use for wrong perceptions intentionally or unintentionally. The film is certainly able to look at its own culture, and accept various misinterpretations of Islamic thoughts and ideas, and boldly criticise them. It has incorporated everything that prevails in the developing Islamic societies and the societal behaviours. The movie takes the layered approach of self-examination, and about radical Islam. The philosophical discussions go on inside the inner film, but the story outside drives us to the tragedy. At Tribeca in 2007, the Making Of - Le dernier film won awards for best screenplay, for director and writer Nouri Bouzid, and also a best acting award. Nouri Bouzid, the director of the 'Making Of, was born in 1945 in Sfax, the second largest city in Tunisia. He studied cinema at the Institute National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle (INSAS) in Brussels from 1968 to 1972, where he began working in films. Bouzid completed further training in Paris in 1972 while working on the film -Va directed by Andre Delvaux. He has worked with Steven Spielberg, A. Ben Ammar, Max Pecas, David Hemmings, Philippe Clair and Pascal F. Campanile, among others. Upon return to Tunesia, Bouzid joined the Tunisian television Channel RTT. Bouzid was imprisoned from 1973 to 1979 for his membership in the political organisation GEAST (Groupe d+tudes et dAction Socialiste Tunisien). Following his release, he worked again as assistant director on several Tunisian and international film projects. In 1986, his first feature film, Man of Ashes, the story of a young man who just before his wedding recalls the trauma of his childhood, was selected for the 1986 Cannes Film Festival-as were his next three films. Man of Ashes received the Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Days 1986. His 2006 film 'Making Of was similarly recognised. Throughout the 1990s, Bouzid collaborated with some of Tunisian cinemas most influential fellow filmmakers, including FTrid Boughedir for Halfaouine and Moufida Tlatli. The Silences of the Palace. In 1994, Nouri Bouzid founded a school of cinema in Tunisia, the EDAC, where he continues to teach today. He has also taught film at the Faculty of Philosophy in Manouba and at the Film Institute in Qamart, both in Tunisia. Bouzid has produced, directed or written over a dozen films and is also an accomplished poet. In 1998 Bouzid was awarded the Presidential Prize of the Cinema in Tunisia. In 1992, Bouzid was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in France.