ISLAMABAD - While rejecting the Reform General Sales Tax (RGST), the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday said that the government should bring the real estate and agriculture income into the tax net to generate additional revenue. RGST is totally unacceptable to the business community, as it will create a number of problems along with an increase in inflation, ICCI President, Mahfooz Elahi, said while addressing a meeting of the representatives of traders here. He further said that majority of the traders did not have a clear understanding of RGST; therefore, the government should have a series of meetings with the trade bodies across the country to discuss pros and cons of the RGST and its effects on the general public. He said that mass awareness programmes were needed to be conducted to avoid any state of confusion but the government has failed to adopt this strategy due to unknown reasons. On the basis of self-calculations, the government is speculating approximate figures of tax collection, but no one exactly knows about the total tax collection figures, he added. He further said that the government must create an environment of trust, whereas harassment policy and forced taxation will not bring the desired results. The representatives of the business community said that by doing so, corruption will increase. The representative of the business community out-rightly rejected the move of implementation of RGST and said that government must revisit its strategy for tax collection to avoid harassment and not to over burden the people, who are already under a great stress due to poor planning of the government.