Former dictator Gen Pervez Musharraf is wrong to comment that time and again democracy has worsened the political crisis facing Pakistan. In fact, successive dictatorships have played havoc with democracy and the country. And it is an undeniable fact that that the current democratic government has opted for a right path in order to address multiple crisis facing the country. The biggest one of course, is terrorism. The democratically elected government is taking all the right steps to contain it although there are some lapses in its approach. The international community has now started to praise the measures taken by the government as militants safe havens are being destroyed. It is possible because of the political will of this democratic government and at the same time Pakistan armys great sacrifices and good co-ordination with political government. This must be appreciated. Musharraf must recall his failures. The majority of people of Pakistan remember him for his wrong policies regarding water and power management, which resulted in power outages and assassination of Benazir Bhutto and extra-judicial killing of octogenarian Baloch leader Nawab Akber Bugti. This jolted the federation and greatly tarnished the image of the armed forces. During his regime, Pakistans tribal areas were safe havens for Al-Qaeda and other troublemakers. But current democratically elected government is actively engaged to heal the wounds inflicted by the dictator. The fact remains that democracy is the only best available option for a prosperous Pakistan. DR SAIFURREHMAN, Jamshoro, November 27.