There is urgent need to reform the prevailing outdated election system because it has failed to provide the competent political leadership. In the present system, only those with huge amount of money can participate in the elections and can become representatives of the people. It is a known fact that about 60 % of the registered voters do not cast their vote. So the majority of people are in actual fact having no representatives in the assemblies. I think, two kind of reforms are immediately required so that real and genuine representatives of the people could be elected to represent them in the national and provincial assemblies. The first reform should focus on making voting compulsory for the registered voters. The second reform should be aimed to create proportional representation system for the national and provincial assemblies. The voter should cast the vote to the political parties instead of voting for the personality and independent candidates. The political parties could nominate their members on the basis of number of votes it has for the national and provincial assemblies. The political party having more votes will have more members in the assemblies. By adopting this political parties will becomes strong and the politics of issue would flourish. Those who will be nominated by the political parties in the assemblies will do the real work of making the laws for the benefit of the people. Instead of sleeping and sitting in the assemblies and having funds to develop their roads, supply of gas and other civic works which actually should be the responsibility of local governments. Without changing the present election system there will be no chance of changing the status-quo and also stopping the Bonapartist Generals to take over the country. Democracy will only be strengthen if the political parties organize themselves and end the personalization of politics. These reforms will also discourage the hereditary politics, monopoly of feudal families and industrialist in the politics. ENGR. S.T. HUSSAIN, November 27.