DPO, Chiniot, Rana Akbar Shahzad, has announced that entry of 50 Ulema of various schools of thought has been banned in Chiniot district. He has also announced that 24 Ulema of Chiniot were also among those who whose movements within their own areas was also restricted. The restriction for Ulema entry into Chiniot district for the entire month of Muharram has also been enforced, and strict vigilance of all Ulema would also be carried out, and all their movements would be reported to administration. Meanwhile, in another interesting and thought provoking development, restriction over entry into Chiniot district has also been applied to two Ulema, who died five years ago. These include Deobandis Maulana Manzoor Hussain Hijazi and Shiite Maulana Tajuddin Haidri.