As if creepy stories of avarice and graft in the dear homeland were not enough already, another one of selling of Occidental Petroleum at a throwaway price to British Petroleum has emerged. Former petroleum minister, Usman Aminuddin, has revealed that former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was behind the move to sell the companys shares at a very small amount. The former minister said that everybody in Musharrafs team was involved in the deal. Qazi Husain Ahmed has filed a petition in the Supreme Court, pointing out how vested interests superseded the national interests in selling of the Occidental Petroleum shares to British Petroleum. As it is, Supreme Court has its hands full dealing with corruption cases. Not only that, the SC is the only institution trying to root out corruption while the corrupt government machinery is out to defy its verdicts. We wish more power to CJP and his team. MAJOR(RETD) S ZAHID SALAM, Rawalpindi, November 27.