LAHORE - The lives that we are leading today are far more stressful than yesteryears. An increasing level of competition and demands from work as well as home are likely to take their toll on us from time to time. To stay in control of whatever you want to do in life, it is even more important today to strike that perfect balance in life. More people are now aware of the fact that good health is a key to a good, well-balanced and successful life, says a press release. With an aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, Dawlance has launched its flagship brand of H-Zone in all categories of its home appliances. Dawlance H-Zone offers state-of-the-art health features to let its consumers lead a healthier life. Dawlance H-Zone Microwave Ovens is a new addition to this range. The key features of these microwave ovens are the Calorie Indicator and Deodorizer. Calorie indicator displays the approximate calories of the selected auto-menu on the LED. However, calorie detail is limited to only those dishes that are selected for cooking through the built-in Pakistani Recipes in Microwave Oven. Deodorizer option can be used to deodorize the Microwave Oven after cooking or in between reheating of multiple meals. Deodorizer is an easy-to-use, one touch operation with a button placed on the control panel of the Microwave Oven. All the user needs to do is press the button in order to deodorize the Microwave Oven. Deodorizer will prevent transfer of odor from one food item to another; it also prevents the oven cavity from developing bacteria in the long run so that you can enjoy a healthy and safe cooking. Other features of Dawlance H-Zone include built-in Pakistani Recipes like Chicken Biryani, Aaloo Qeema, Pasanday, Achari Sabzi, Badami Qorma, Bagharay Baigan and Qalaqand and many more. Available in various capacity ranges, stainless steel finish, attractive/easy jog wheel controls, child safety lock, 10 power levels for cooking, rust-resistant steel body, combination cooking, weight defrost, express cooking and digital clock. The health-specific and easy-to-use features of Dawlance H-Zone Microwave Ovens are meant to stylize healthy living. It doesnt only offer more variety; it also promises a good health with cooking options that will tantalize your taste buds. These new microwave ovens work just as well as they look, the strong metallic body is built to last for a long time and child safety lock keeps you stress-free if your kids are playing near the microwave oven. These new ranges of microwave ovens from Dawlance have been made to solve all your cooking woes. So now you dont only need to put in much less effort in cooking, you can also finish cooking in very little time. Dawlance understands that women today have so many more responsibilities besides taking care of their kitchen. Dawlance microwave ovens come with its signature brand reliability to let women achieve more in less time.