JUSTIN Bieber says his fans keeps him going during tough times. I think that my fans have been such a supporting factor that, I mean, I couldnt be doing this without them, so this has just been amazing, he said. I owe it all to my fans, my family, my friends. Bieber also revealed that his recent American Music Award wins made his dad Jeremy very proud. He was just telling me how proud he was, he said. Im Canadian, so he was like, its like when he sees a hockey team score a goal and he jumps out of his seat... Hes like, 'Yes Thats my boy. So it was great. Justin recently admitted he often finds Hollywood a scary place. Hollywood is a scary place, he said. Theres a lot of bad things, but theres also a lot of good things. SS Im a Christian, I believe in God. I believe that I have a relationship and Im able to talk to him and really, hes the reason Im here, so I definitely have to remember that. -SS