In an unusual statement by a senior Arab official, Amr Mousa, Secretary-General of the Arab League called for an immediate stop to discrimination against Christians in Arab countries, and against Muslims in Europe. Speaking at a forum of Arab-European Young Leaders in Vienna, Mousa said there are misunderstandings on both sides which are being exploited by extremists. Coincidently, his statement came on a day where clashes between Egyptian protesters, mainly Copts, and police resulted in one death and several injuries. The few dozen protesters were trying to prevent police from implementing a court order to evacuate a building that was being used as a church. There are millions of Christians living among the majority Muslims in the Arab world. They have never complained of discrimination until recently as the rise of religious extremism engulfed the region. Similarly, there are millions of Muslims living in mainly Christian Europe and they started to feel increasingly vilified and isolated since the far right began to gain ground in European politics. Arab Christians, and Muslims in Europe, are being increasingly 'classified by their religious affiliations. But they first and most are citizens and must get the full rights this citizenship entails. It is regrettable that we need to do that but regional stability and prosperity, and the global security in general, requires harmonious relations between the different communities and weeding out the hate speech disseminated by religious, national and political extremists around the world. Gulf News