LAHORE (Online) - MQM Leader and Federal Minister Dr Farooq Sattar has phoned JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch for exchanging views on MQMs stance on RGST Bill. Dr Farooq said MQM had strongly opposed the RGST bill as the national economy and masses could not bear any additional burden. He said the agriculture tax should be imposed as there existed a lot of space in tax network. Liquat Baloch thanked Dr Sattar and said MQM took right stance, though its past record was not good and it did not take time in withdrawing its stance. Baloch said JI took clear stance on RGST and said the rulers should stop their corruption and non-developmental expenditures. He said the government should come out from the IMF slavery and trust in its own resources and nations abilities. He said RGST bill was not acceptable for the masses and JI protest would continue against the bill. He pointed out that the sit-in on 5 December in Islamabad would depict the emotions of the people.