LAHORE - PIA has completed its pre-Haj operation with almost 100pc punctuality. The post-Haj operation was started by the airline on 21st November 2010; it was already made public that the flights from Jeddah would face delays due to heavy congestion of returning Hajis from Jeddah Airport, PIA spokesman said here on Saturday. Almost all the airlines from other countries are also facing the same problems of long delays as including PIA all airlines operating from Jeddah Haj Terminal are following CAA Jeddah schedule of departures. Nearly 150 flights are departing in 24 hours which means almost 60,000 to 70,000 passengers presence at the Jeddah airport, leaving less space for the quick processing of the passengers, the security checks and the permission to board the passengers. Hajis have been asked to report early at Jeddah airport well before the departure of flight, it should be understood that it is not only PIA, all the other carriers are also following early reporting time of the passengers in consultation with the Jeddah Civil Aviation. PIA has prepared a spare standby B747 to minimise any technical delay on account of operational issues. So far, PIA has not experienced any significant technical delay, PIA spokesman added. PIA has an extensive update system that depicts the schedule and real timing of flights on the website; the website is automatically updated about the flights details. PIA Call Center is providing 24-hour services to customers who inquire about Haj flights and their arrival. From the beginning of the post-Haj operation public has been informed through print and electronic media regarding the arrival time of the Haj flights at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. The public is requested to contact the PIA Call Center 111-786-786 before coming to airport for receiving the Hajis. PIA and other airlines operating for Haj cannot book a bay on its own, as it is allotted by the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority. In fact, PIA and every other airline operating from the Jeddah Haj terminal were allocated one bay each which for PIA may increase as soon as the rush of returning pilgrims is reduced. PIA has a separate window at all the airports which take care of lost luggage if any. It may be mentioned that so far, PIA has operated 39 flights from Jeddah carrying 16,404 Hajis. Among these flights, 9 flights with 4,195 Hajis have arrived in Karachi, 3,273 Hajis have arrived in Lahore through 7 flights, 4,674 Hajis have flown to Islamabad from Jeddah through 10 flights, 8 flights have carried 2,625 Hajis to Peshawar and 1,637 Hajis have arrived in Quetta through 5 flights. PIAs operations team is working around the clock to minimise any impact resulting from Saudi CAA issues at Jeddah Airport, PIA spokesman concluded.