PUNE (India) Englands tallest fast bowler Steven Finn may have been the most successful bowler (six wickets for 125 runs) in the first Ashes Test at Gabba on Saturday, but his one-time coach at Middlesex Ian Pont was not impressed with his performance. Its not pretty to look at, Ian Pont, presently the fast bowling coach for the Tigers, said from Dhaka. Its inefficient, riddled with biomechanical issues and does not maximise his attributes at all. For someone with such long levers if he was developed by people who knew how to coach pace, he could be way better than he is. Pont, who was ECB national skills set coach at Loughborough with the now West Indies head coach, Otis Gibson, had Finn in his emerging player group. However Pont was not allowed to do any coaching but simply monitor and measure Finn for the records. Coaching has been taken over by 'statistics experts hell bent on telling you how many balls you bowled and where you bowl the ball. This 'new age type of coach knows little about how to develop and create a line of aggressive quicks, Pont added. Former West Indies great, Michael Holding was full of praise for Finn. He focused much on Finns height as an asset but Pont added, Just because Finn is tall does not make him great. Comparing him to someone like Holding, who has a great action for fast bowling, is a complete travesty. Both myself and fellow Englishman, Julien Fountain (fielding) are giving all we can to the Bangladesh players. We were both previously involved with the ECB and are both disappointed with how they are choosing to teach technical skills. But to be honest that is up to England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). It is sad to see though, as England is our own country, commented Pont.