DWAYNE Johnson was a violent child. The Faster actor - who used to wrestle under the name The Rock - used to get into trouble on the Pacific island of Hawaii for fighting, but insists his poor decisions never led to long-term disputes. I was just always into violence when I was younger. I was just a real violent kid, he said. But growing up in Hawaii, its always lots of fighting and then everybody makes up - I love you, you love me, lets have a beer; what about a barbecue? SS I didnt come from a broken home, I had very loving parents. I was just making poor decisions. However, his background did not inform his later career as an action star, as he wanted to work on other styles of film. I wanted to break out of the action genre, he said. I stopped and said, 'Id like to do a comedy next, Then Id like to do a little drama. It was just a matter of just resetting for a moment, taking a beat. -SS