LAHORE - The second and final round of the annual Islamic congregation of Tablighi Jamaat concluded on Sunday with a passionate prayer before Almighty Allah to grant courage to the believers to reinforce the tenants of Islam in their true spirit in their lives and the society for the supremacy of Islam. The prayer was attended by PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif and Senior Federal Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and tens of thousands of people, who converged from all corners of the country and abroad to participate in the congregation. The prayer led by Maulana Zaubair-ul-Hassan, Chief of Jamaat of India, sought forgiveness from Allah for the sins and His mercy and blessings to pull out the Muslims from the present state of dismay, despondence and sufferings. The prayer also pledged to take guidance from the Holy Quran and Sunnah in their individual and collectives lives and to shun all whimsical pursuits and sinful life and re-establish their lives in the light of the teachings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). They also sought that the Muslims were though building the excellent concrete gigantic mosques, minarets but were negligent to create the true worshipers and the honest believers free from all worldly temptations. He further prayed to Allah by saying, O, Allah Transform our lives in accordance with the role model life of your beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and keep us away from the path of Satan and forgive our minor and big sins. Admiring the qualities and blessings associated to His 99 qualitative names, Maulana further said that Allah knows each and every act happening in this universe as not a single movement is possible without the permission by Allah. O, God You are the one and only Creator of the universes known or unknown to us and You are the only great Being, Who is feeding the entire humankind without any discrimination of cast or creed, color or country, he further said. Besides praying for the freedom for Kashmiri brethrens, Maulana Zubair prayed to Allah to make the Muslims countries the heavens of peace and prosperity. Our Muslims brothers in different countries especially Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and etc are confronting several problems now a days. O, God bestow them your blessings and love and make them peaceful and mould their hearts in accordance with the golden principles of Islam, he further prayed. Earlier, delivering his special sermon, Maulana Zubair urged the believers to strictly follow the Sunnah particularly the basic duties of the Muslims including the five times prayers, Zakat, Haj, and the observance of the fasting in Ramazan. He said that those who attends the morning prayers and sit in seclusion till to offer the Ashra prayers after sunrise are rewarded by Almighty Allah because no other deed but the true worship of Almighty Allah with the purpose of the creation of the human being as such the believers must not lapse in their duties of worshiping Allah, the Creator of the Universe. O my Muslim brethrens Teach Din-e-Islam to your families and friends and prepare for the Day of Judgment as no one will support you rather your good deeds will help you in getting forgiveness of Almighty Allah, he stated, adding: Send your Darood onto the last Prophet of the Universe Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as this noble act is highly appreciated by Allah. Similarly, Maulana Haji Abdul Wahab and other scholars said in their special sermons that the human being in course of achieving worldly luxuries have deviated from his/her real goal. The Maulana said that we Muslims are indulging ourselves in cruelties, suppressing others for our vested interests that is why we have turned ourselves from the true path of Din-e-Islam. Haji Abdul Wahab further said that now a days our social status has changed, our homes do not have Islamic values, our children are showing disobedience towards their parents that is why Barkat (blessing) of Almighty Allah has taken away from our good deeds and businesses. Todays man is making his all efforts in providing modern knowledge to his children but he is deviating from Din, which is complete code of life, he added. Later, dozens of male orphans tied the knot with educated orphan girls. Maulana Zubair-ul-Hassan solemnised nikah of the students and prayed for their prosperous lives. Maulana Abdul Rehman, Maulana Muhammad Younus, Maulana Abdul Rasheed Sorti, Maulan Ahmad Laat and others religious scholars were also present on this occasion.