KARACHI - Transporters on Tuesday got violent over the suspension of compressed natural gas as they staged a protest at MA Jinnah Road when filling stations refuse them to refill gas due to low gas pressure.The closure of CNG stations has caused massive traffic jams on the link and other main roads of the City whereas traffic police were also absent from the scene. Police of local police stations were seen controlling traffic in some areas.In the financial hub of the country, CNG users are still facing trouble day after day and long queues of vehicles witnessed at few opened CNG stations with disruptive scenes.Majority of the gas stations were remain closed during the gas supply timings because of the price cut that also reduced their profit margin.Gas stations owners claimed that the current price which is Rs54.16 fixed by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority on the directives of Ministry of Petroleum is not acceptable to them.  When contacted, CNG Dealer Association chairman Abdul Sammi Khan said that the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan was not the issue.“We agree to sell our products on the decided prices settled by the apex court but current price which is fixed after the pressure of ministry of petroleum is not acceptable,” he added. He informed that to overcome the prevailing situation, OGRA and CNG Dealers Association has decided a meeting on Wednesday (today) in Karachi.He refused the blame of overcharging or profit, saying that media is not portraying the right picture. This is not possible for the dealers to bear heavy loss from their own pocket. On the other side, the motorists who queued outside the CNG stations blamed the government and demanded serious action against the CNG station owners who are not opened the outlets and challenging the court orders. Shortage of CNG also disturbed the commuters who were found with overloaded vehicles of passengers and mostly waiting at the bus stops to reach their offices. Although they have to pay extra fare against the proposed rates, public have no other choice because the vendors claimed that they used expensive fuel to run their vehicles. In that situation, after the announcement of two-day closure given by Sui Southern Gas Company supply of gas to CNG stations all across Sindh would be suspended for 48 hours from Wednesday (today) 9.00am till Friday 9.00am, throwing the life of the citizens completely paralysed and no relief in sight.