ISLAMABAD - While people have seen more or less of whatever happened during the US raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in cinemas around the world, the ‘confused’ government has not been able to take a simple decision to notify the exclusion of one member of the inquiry commission, reportedly a last step before unveiling judicial commission’s report on the saga.

The inquiry commission on Abbottabad operation around two weeks before requested the Law Ministry to notify the exclusion of one member of the commission so that findings of the commission could be made public sans his signature.

While, the Law Ministry has yet to come up with any decision to denotify a member of Abbottabad commission Abbas Khan or not, as reportedly it could possibly be the last step before making the report public.

“Yes, Law Ministry has received request from Abbotabad commission to denotify one of commission members but still no decision has been made on it, “ Secretary Ministry of law and justice Yasmin Abbasi exclusively shared with TheNation.

The law ministry is yet to make a decision on whether to denotify a member of the Abbottabad commission or not, Secretary law said adding that ministry is examining the matter and soon come up with any decision.

It would not be out of place to mention here that Abbottabad Inquiry Commission had requested the Law Ministry to de-notify one of member of the commission so that the finding of the commission could be made public sans his (Abbas Khan) signature.

Abbas Khan (former Punjab Police chief) is currently under treatment in the America so not available to sign the final draft of the report, which is mandatory for the submission of the report as he was part of the commission during almost all the activities.

Because of his (Abbas Khan) unavailability for long time now it was decided by the commission to discharge him from membership so that important report could be made public.

The commission head justice (retd) Javed Iqbal had earlier revealed to this newspaper that commission has officially communicated to the Law Ministry to finish the membership of Abbas Khan from Abbottabad inquiry commission because he is not available to sign the report which is mandatory.

Iqbal had also revealed that the report had been completed for six weeks and as soon as the Law Ministry would allow the commission to submit it without the signature of Abbas Khan, it would be submitted. 

Analysts believed that it might be a move to pass ball in the court of Law Ministry as to avoid blame of extra-ordinary delay for making the report public. They viewed that de-notification of member is not the guarantee for making any affect to speedily reveal the contents of the report soon after it.

It is pertinent to mention here that the commission report is pending for last over one and half year due to certain reasons.

The inquiry commission had to wait couple of months for the statements of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani but later the idea of taking the statement of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf for avoiding further delay, sources said.

The commission has reportedly recorded statements of the heads of military and civil intelligence agencies, the Military Operations director general, Pakistan ambassador to Washington, present and former foreign ministers, secretaries and family members of Osama bin Laden.

The five-member commission is investigating into the killing of Osama bin Laden in a US Navy SEALs swoop in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011. The commission was constituted on June 21, 2011, and yet to submit its report despite the lapse of 17 months.