KARACHI - Iranian Consul General Abbas Ali Abdullahi made a farewell visit to MQM head office Nine Zero and met with Deputy Conveners of the Coordination Committee, Dr Farooq Sattar and Senator Nasrin Jalil. He was accompanied by Vice Consul Hassan Muhammadi, First Consul Sadiqul Amlah, First Consul Syed Muhammad Kazim Abidi, and Commercial Consul Sattar Sultan Shahi.During the meeting, political, economic, financial situations of the country and other issues of mutual interests were discussed. Iranian Consul General said that he was taking with him unforgettable memories of his stay in Pakistan. He praised the efforts made by MQM leader Altaf Hussain and his party for promoting sectarian harmony in the country during Muharram.Sattar said that MQM was making practical efforts to improve relations with other countries. He appreciated the services of Abdullahi as consul general in Pakistan. Later, Abdullahi was presented with the pictorial biography of Altaf Hussain.