KARACHI - A sumptuous Korean Food Festival was held at Defense Country and Golf Club on Tuesday.The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea hosted Korean Food Festival 2012 with two renowned chefs from Korea who had especially arrived for the event, Chef Sang-chul Han, (Master in Food Service) and Chef Moo-sub Kim.About 500 guests were feted with a wide range of healthy food and the culture of Korea. Most Korean foods are made with all natural ingredients like soybean paste, soy source and red pepper powder. The festival was indeed a well-appreciated effort at sharing Korea’s rich and unique culture and discovering the rich flavors of Korean cuisine. Koreans believe that creating and eating good food is a work of art and a part of heaven. Korea has unique traditions devoted to preparing food right from growing ingredients, cooking, table setting, sharing to its consumption. Thus Korean food is a taste of home made from mother’s love.Korean food features the community spirit, nature friendly philosophy, and humanism of the Korean people. Perhaps for this the reason Korean food can now be enjoyed in many countries and people from all over the world fall in love with Korean cuisine.