SHERGARH - The City Press Club (CPC) has strongly condemned the life attempt on senior journalist and TV anchor Hamid Mir and called upon the government to ensure safety of journalists.

In a special meeting chaired by CPC President Dr Ziaul Hassan Tahir, journalists denounced the Monday’s cowardly attempt of unidentified people to kill the senior journalist by planting a bomb under his car and urged the government to take steps for the protection of journalists.

Later, the journalist community held a demonstration in front of the CPC and strongly protested the incident. Addressing the demonstration, Dr Zia said that such coward attempts could not prevent journalists from ‘telling the truth to the masses’. He urged the government to realize the fact that Pakistan was increasingly becoming a dangerous state for the journalists and take steps accordingly.

Some unidentified people had planted a remote-controlled explosive device under the front seat of Mir’s car in Islamabad in an apparent conspiracy to blow him up. But fortunately it was soon tracked by his driver and the police defused it. No one has so far claimed responsibility for the act.