RAWALPINDI - The government of Punjab in a late night development on Tuesday removed Dr Fayyaz from the post of Medical Superintendent of Holy Family Hospital, besides suspending an AMS and three DMSs in mouse-biting case.

Dr Arshad Ali Sabir has been appointed as Acting MS. The suspended doctors include AMS labour room Dr Shahida, DMS Dr Tariq Sohail, and DMS Dr Akram. Earlier, in a bid to shake off some pressure bearing the Holy Family Hospital (HFH) administration after surfacing newborn baby mouse-bite case, Dr Fayyaz suspended five staffers including in-charge nurse here on Tuesday.

The staffers placed under suspension by MS on account of misconduct and serious negligence of duty at Labour Room 1 included in-charge nurse Panzy Stephen, Nurse Dae Joice Nustat, Female Aaya Shamim Wajid and Shehnaz Bashir and Irshad Dilmir, the sanitary workers.

Meanwhile, a high-level two member committee comprising Executive District Officer (EDO) Health, Dr Zafar Iqbal Gondal, and Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) MS, Dr Shohaib Khan, grilled MS HFH, doctors, nurses and sanitary staff present in Labour Room 1 at the time of occurrence of the sadistic incident. The committee members also checked the measures adopted by hospital administration to stop the influx of insects and rats in the wards and other areas of the hospital, informed Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) Principal and Allied Hospitals (AHs) Chief Dr Musaddiq Khan while talking to TheNation.

He said that the four-member committee, made by MS HFH to probe into the matter, stopped its investigations after constitution of two member high-level committee formed by Punjab government. He said that strict action would be taken against the staff and doctors found guilty in the case. The committee would submit its finding within 24 hours to Punjab government, he said. He said that special teams have been made in AHs and anti-rat campaign has also been launched to prevent happening of such incident in future.

A source revealed that two-member committee visited HFH, summoned a DMS Dr Akram, who is responsible to assign the contract to a company to kill the rats, and questioned him as to why the contact had not been renewed for the last three years. The committee also found a stunning fact that AMS Labour Room Dr Shahida Shah has never stepped in the Labour Room for the last four years. Dr Shahida was also called and questioned by the committee members, the source added.

The senior doctors questioned the validity and impartiality of the committee constituted by Punjab government as both the members of the committee Dr Zafar Iqbal Gondal and Dr Shohaib have graduated from RMC and most of their services were in Rawalpindi. So, it was hard to believe that they would conduct the inquiry without any pressure, some doctors said while sharing their thoughts with TheNation.

On the other hand, the administrations of Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) and District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) fumigated in labour rooms to kill the insects and rats. The gynae patients, admitted in these hospitals, expressed satisfaction during an interaction with this scribe over the steps being taken by the administrations to kill insects and rats.

Head of HFH Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr Rizwana Chaudhry, regretted the incident of mouse-bite and held the shortage of staff and sanitary workers responsible for occurrence of the incident. She said that government should increase the numbers of medical instruments, nurses and sanitary workers in the AHs.