LAHORE - PML-N leader has alleged that the PPP under its ‘policy of reconciliation’ is using the presidency to save the rule and carry out corruption.

Central Information Secretary of the PML-N, Senator Mushahidullah Khan stated on Tuesday that the PPP had caused irreparable loss to the national institutions besides defiling their respect and sanctity. The policy of reconciliation of President Zardari, he said, in fact revolves around the policy of ‘eat and let eat’ the national resources. He criticised the president as the one who never followed any ideology and principles.

He said that the policies of the President had followed, had brought the situation to the point where even PPP coalition partners were escaping elections contest under the banner of this party when the PPP leadership itself was under tremendous pressure. Mushahidullah said that due to the poor performance, the rulers were reluctant to announce the election schedule and added, through a well meditated strategy, the PPP on daily basis was passing statement on the general election without revealing as to when they would actually be held. “And through this means, the PPP wants to keep the people guessing and confused”, he said.

This ambiguous situation, he said, by no means was good for the country and the democracy, and called for announcing date of the general elections for holding them within the constitutional time frame as the future of the country and the nation was attached with them. Reminding the restoration of judges in March 2009 which came after much reluctance of the PPP, he said the PPP should shun the policy of adventurism and inform the people about the election time.