LAHORE - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said the PPP-MQM government had spoiled peace, governance and social as well as economic structure of Sindh in the name of reconciliation. Nawaz said the new local government law had been passed despite its strong opposition by the people of Sindh, adding excessive and limitless powers had been given to the mayors of some cities, which would further spoil the law and order situation in the province, particularly in Karachi where thousands of innocent people had lost their lives in the last four years. The PML-N president said the Sindh People’s Local Government Act would introduce a dual administrative system, creating a state within the state in the province. Nawaz Sharif said the so-called law was an attempt to create split and conflict among the people of Sindh. He added the PML (N) would continue to support the peaceful political struggle of writers, intellectuals, artists, civil society, journalists and the general public of Sindh against the SPLGA 2012. PML-N Sindh chapter along with other political parties would play an active role as a member of the Sindh Bachayo Committee (SBC), he added.Nawaz Sharif also condemned the alleged insulting behavior of the PPP ministers with the women members of the PML-F during the last session of the Sindh Assembly. He also announced support for peaceful strike call of the Sindh Bachao Committee on November 30.